How to Take Professional-Looking Photos with Your Cellphone

Capturing the moment has never been easier now that we each carry a cellphone in our pocket. However, it can be a struggle trying to snap that perfect shot. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite photography tips and tricks to help you create cellphone photos that look professional.

Change your perspective

Simply changing up the perspective can elevate your photo from blah to beautiful. Try crouching down and taking a photo from a super low angle, or use a selfie stick to capture high angles.

Use leading lines

The eye is naturally attracted to lines. Try finding some interesting lines in your photo to break up the image and create interest. If you can’t find lines in nature, hang up a cheap backdrop to create some pizazz.

Create a depth of field

Focusing on an object up close with an out-of-focus background is an easy way to create a sense of depth in your photos. Play around with your camera in portrait mode, or try a clip on zoom lens to level up your photos.

Use a tripod for still shots

Staying perfectly still can be difficult when taking photos, especially while out and about. By using a portable tripod, everyone can be in the photo and your pictures will turn out clear and crisp.

Use soft lighting

Any time you take a picture, you will want to avoid harsh sunlight which can cause unnatural lines and shadows on the face. Instead, look for an area with shade where you can snap your photos without squinting! If there isn’t enough light in your photos, try a ring light to get that perfect glowy lighting.

Download photography apps

Give your photos slight adjustments in brightness, color, or contrast by using photography apps. There are tons of free filters on the market that can help you adjust the mood of your photo to create a cohesive social media feed. Some of my favorites include:

Creating beautiful photos doesn’t have to break the bank. Your memories can last a lifetime by utilizing free cloud storage available on most cellphone plans. You can also use a portable printer to instantly share and store your memories in scrapbooks, frames, and more.

I hope you’ll try out my favorite photo tips & tricks to easily level up your cellphone photography.

xoxo, @michaelavelarde

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