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Hey there! I’m Michaela, Brand Designer & mom of two.

I love to travel with my kids in tow and live by the motto, “capturing the moment and living in it.” I run a freelance creative marketing studio and enjoy expressing myself through artistic outlets like design, photography, and writing. This blog is a space where I hope to share my creative perspective on motherhood and more.

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What is Gentle Parenting?

Forming a healthy relationship with your child can have a lasting impact on their future. Learn more about gentle parenting and why it’s important. Plus, discover ways to practice this parenting style in your own home.

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Health Hacks for Families

With most insurance plans tethered to work, many families can experience a gap in coverage during difficult times. However, there are tons of affordable options available. That’s why I’ve compiled my list of the best cheap or free vision, health, and dental resources!

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How to Scrapbook with Kids

Scrapbooks are a fun, creative way to display treasured memories for years to come. When you have children, scrapbooks become that much more meaningful -and difficult- to create. That’s why I’ve compiled my list of tips for creating a stress-free scrapbook that can be done with kids!

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